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January 7, 2011

  • PASSAMAQUODDY BAY ENDANGERED DUE TO OPEN OCEAN AQUACULTURE: Canadian officials are investigating the use of pesticides in and near Passamaquoddy Bay due to abnormally high lobster deaths off Grand Manan Island in late 2009 and off Deer Island in early 2010. Both islands are located directly across the international border shared with Maine.According to officials, salmon farm operators have been using and disposing pesticides in coastal waters at the expense of crustaceans – lobsters and sea lice.As part of the investigation, Environment Canada executed a search warrant in November at eight facilities in New Brunswick. The facilities are owned and operated by Cooke Aquaculture, a salmon aquaculture firm that also operates salmon farms in Maine. According to media reports, cypermethrin, a pesticide that is licensed for use in Maine but banned in Canada, was detected in dead lobsters on the two Canadian Islands. Read the full Bangor Daily News article here.

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